Vienna City Hall

conception, design, realisation

Vienna City Hall – History & Society, Architecture & Anecdotes

This neo-Gothic gem from the Ringstraße era was once a stone symbol of the strong, confident bourgeoisie living in Vienna, the powerful capital city and seat of royal power of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and also represented the political emancipation they were fighting for at the time. Today, Vienna’s most significant example of secular architecture is a distinctive landmark and, with an impressive open-air arena stretching out before its gates, is one of the most popular centres of high culture and local tradition in this modern, lively city. This book invites you to take an exciting journey through the history of Vienna City Hall – from the bold ideas and elaborate plans of the architect Friedrich Schmidt to tricks that fooled even the emperor himself, plus plenty of surprising anecdotes along the way. The past and present of Vienna City Hall are illustrated in a very special way through a combination of never-before-published historical photographic documents and new, exclusive works of art by the renowned photographer Lukas Beck.
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